Boosting Surveillance
In An Advanced Control System​

Security surveillance solutions with integrated storage servers, and comprehensive surveillance solutions. Low-cost capacity, system scalability and performance, data protection, and expandability to the cloud are some of the different deployment scenarios that identify the key industry concerns.

Deliver integrated and optimized solutions

As part of the innovative approach to problem-solving that we bring to every project, we provide the ability to control and monitor any number of doors that are integrated with IP Camera Systems, with simple video integration.
Simplify interface to handle alarm

Quick handling response in every trigger, accurate solving.

Monitor And Control Trigger Area ​

Never lost the moment, secure all range area.

Specific control from layout based

precise target location by layout base, accelerate performance monitoring.

Assign and track patrol activity

The officers make it simple to ensure the security of the monitoring area
by scheduling patrols in a structured way that allows for easy and focused patrolling.